Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yesterday, Megan had a chance to strut her stuff at the end of the year Gymnastics celebration.  I have to say I LOVE our parks and recrecation system and all the classes they offer.  We've definitely taken advantage of them!
 All of the 3-5 year old gym classes had a chance to perform --- but there are so many that they divided them into 4 different performances.  In our performance there were about 80 kids (a guess).  Each one got to march forward in the "opening ceremony" and show their best cartwheel or roll. 

Megan had already gone, but I had to get a shot of how many kids were there.  And evidently one of the little boys marching forward in this shot was actually Usher's son.  Who knew?

Then the kids had a little opening ceremony warm up dance...
Then they divided into their classes and each class had a chance to show off what they'd been learning this year in different gymnastic stations.

At the end, each person got a chance to take the gold on the podium!

My little gymnastics superstar!

We still have a couple of classes left but I think this will be Megan's last gym class for awhile.  She's loved it and it's been a great experience.  But she's not really into being a big gym superstar... and I'm so good with that.  Once you pass her little class then you are elibible for teams - and teams practice between 6-20 hours a week... um, no thanks - we have lives to be lived!

I asked Megan what her favorite part of gym class was (meaning, uneven bars, parallel bars, tumbling, balance beam, etc)... her answer:  The foam pit.   They get to jump into the foam pit at the end of every class.

So I clarified.... Megan was was your favorite part of all the gym stuff you did today at the jamboree (hoping that would help me know what she did like best of all the "real gymnastics" skills.... her answer:  the dance.

Ok - enough said - she's loved doing it but there are other interests out there to explore. 
Megan's actually been asking for an art lesson all year but none of them worked with our schedules - so this summer she's going to an art camp -  think that will be a bit more up her alley.

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