Saturday, May 5, 2012


We knew one day it would happen...
We just didn't expect it to be now!

But then we had to ask ourselves...

Do you wait for the pefect timing as WE see it....

Or do you answer the door when God seems to drop the perfect dog on your doorstep?

So, although it wasn't our perfect timing, it seems we have found the perfect dog for our family!

Meet the 5th Blaisdell.... Rocky!
 Rocky was such an unexpected blessing.  He sort of dropped into our laps.  His "momma" is the sister of a friend of mine.  She moved in with her sister (my friend) because she's battling cancer and on hospice.  She loves her little boy, Rocky, but felt it was time to find him a good home due to her circumstances.  And that's where we fall into the picture.

We knew we wanted a dog - but weren't planning on pursuing it until Nicole was potty trained (which I'm not planning on worrying about until the end of the summer).  But when we heard about Rocky (thanks to Natalie), we realized that although it wasn't "our timing", Rocky sure did fit the bill for what we were going to be looking for.

He's a 5 year old Shih tzu - very laid back, great with kids, loves to be petted, a little lap dog, and full of love!  And since he's 5... he's already house broken!  And he doesn't chew, etc... 
 We had a playdate with Rocky today to meet him and introduce him to the girls.  We wanted to make sure they would be able to be gentle with him, not scared of him, and that he was really good with kids (he is!)... and we wanted to make sure he liked us (he seemed to).
 Megan is in LOVE!!!!!!
 Megan was so mature taking care of him.  As soon as she saw him, she just oozed love for him!
Nicole, just walked over and said, "that my puppy."  so sweet.  He's just the right size for my sweet girls.

 We had a great playdate and can't wait to have Rocky officially join our family in 8 days.

You can pray for Nancy - Rocky's mom.  Megan is really worried about her.  Megan knows that ms. Nancy is sick, but we never really went into the details or extent but she has picked up on it and is really worried about her dying.  Today after we said goodbye to Rocky, Megan cried and cried over dinner and all the way home.  I was worried but she kept saying they were happy tears because she's so excited about Rocky coming to live with us. But I also think that part of it is that she's worried Rocky will miss his mommy -- because she would.   Oh that tender heart of hers!!!!!

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