Tuesday, May 8, 2012

End of the year hoopla

It is that time of year! 
When it seems that when everything "winds down" that actually means the rat race is on...  all the final week school events, the last classes, the final outings, etc.  Makes for some busy days and some super fun memories.

Last weekend, Megan graduated from the Awana Cubbies.  YIPEE!
 She has worked hard for 2 year, memorizing scripture and making some great friends.  This year I was one of her teachers, so I didn't get to get a good picture of her getting her final awards.

But that was just a start to a week of celebrations -last week the pre-k classes had a Mother's Day Tea.  It was quite an event - We even got home made bonnets!
 And a book all about me (full of megan's perceptions of her mom).  I love the portrait on the front!
And they topped off the tea with some special songs just for mom!!!!

So sweet.
This week it's been about more "lasts" and about starting new "firsts."
Megan had her last gymnastics class.
And I registered her for Kindergarten!  aaauuuuggghhhhhhh!
Today she had her official evaluation - which went well.  And tomorrow.... we have "Kindergarten Roundup".  What's that?  I'll have to let you know that tomorrow....
But I think it's pretty much an orientation day prior to the summer - the kids get to go see what a REAL kindergarten class is, meet the teachers, and check out the school.  The parents get a tour, find out all sorts of "stuff" - like the dress code (they wear uniforms), and meet the teachers.

I am still in shock that Kindergarten is a stones throw away.
Later this week Megan has her preschool graduation - you know I'll have tons of pictures from that!  and this weekend is the big dance recital.  I'll try to keep the good times rolling!!!!

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