Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My 3 lovebugs

Happy Mothers Day to me - from my 3 babies!

Yes  - it's time for an update about how our new little furbaby is doing.  Rocky has grabbed everyone's heart.  He's been so great with the girls.  He's a little fearful of all the noise they can make, and sticks pretty close to me when they get a bit hyper - but he's also got such a tender little heart.  One afternoon Nicole woke up from her nap and was crying... Rocky was not ok with that.  So he jumped up on the couch with  us and put his head on Nicole's leg - just to make sure she was ok.  And of course, she was immediately fine!   Then yesterday, Megan fell and skinned both her knees.  Rocky was all over that - making sure she was going to be ok.  It about brough me to tears to see how sweet he was with the girls and how he made them feel better instantly.  They love that little guy!

 And he's definitely a momma's boy - but Daddy gets his time too!
 He LOVES running and playing in the backyard!
 I think he's scared to chase the girls (and I'm good with that) - but he'll run with Tom and I and just have a great ole time.  To let Megan get in on the fun - Tom just grabs her and go... that makes it all the more fun for Rocky (and Megan).
 I asked Megan what was the best thing about having Rocky.  She said - "all the love."
Then I asked, what's the worst?  She said - "poop!" 

But, the girls are getting trained in poop scooping!  Ok, realistically... right now they just take turns carrying the bag and waiting for the moment when Mom or Dad get to use it.
Some sweet moments to remember:
Megan:  whispering to Rocky, "I love you more than anything... except God."
Nicole:  "oh come here little sweetie.  You so cute!"

So we are having fun with our new boy - and he seems to be having fun with us.  I'm sure you'll be seeing him a lot on the blog!

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