Thursday, May 17, 2012

The end of an era.

I guess Preschool can be defined as an era... a distinctive period of time.   Today was Megan's last day of pre-school.  I must admit that I shed a few tears today.  It actually hit me unexpectedly.  I figured it would be emotional when I picked her up and said goodbye to her teachers (who I adore).  But honestly, I didn't expect to drop her off and drive away fighting tears.  I'm not sure why it hit me so hard... perhaps it was just seeing my baby so happy at taking flowers to her teachers, or maybe knowing that this pre-school environment is "protective" and I know that it has nurtured her heart as it has nurtured her mind.  But whatever it was.... it grabbed my heart and squoze.  (Ok, perhaps that's not a real word, but it should be).
Megan started pre-school in the 2 year old class.  That was not planned!  I was SO sick when I was pregnant with Nicole - that Megan started because honestly, I was unable to function for awhile.  Anyone who's followed the blog for awhile will remember the story of Megan being potty trained and thinking that you always "spit" into the trashcan when you go potty - yeah, she needed a little extra attention.  That first day she was so little, it was hard to send her off.  But I knew that Cornerstone was a great place and that they would love her.  And for 3 years - they have loved her soooo much!

Here's a snapshot look at her years at Cornerstone....
2009 - 2 year old class

2010 - 3 year old class:

 2011- starting her 4 year old class

5/17/2012 - Megan's final day of preschool... my sweet 5 year old!

 I have to say that what really started my tears this afternoon was saying goodbye to the moms who are not returning to Cornerstone - their youngest are off to school next year.   I have to say that although I was really really reluctant to send Megan when she was 2 - it was such a good thing for her!!!!  And with that in mind, it makes me excited for Nicole to start in the fall.  I think she will LOVE it.  BUT, I've also cut a lot of our "obligations" in the fall so that I get to spend as much time with her as possible, because I realized how fast it goes.

So  - since this was Megan's big day - we'll just continue on with some of the other special events she's had the past week...
Last Saturday was her dance recital...

She has said that she doesn't want to dance next year, so... we'll see.

Saturday was a big day because not only was it her dance recital but it was also her final soccer game....

And Megan does not think she wants to play next year... we'll see if that changes before next spring.  I think some of that is because she pretty much got injured at some point in every game... the last 3 games involved pretty big bruises and scrapes so she's a bit gun shy.

And now... summer is officially here!!!!!
Stay tuned to see what all is in store for some summer fun!

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Pam and Jeff said...

Oh, this is the sweetestpost. Meghan is such a gentle spirit. and caregiver. When she met Julia, she just loved on her. I love seeing all the pictures of her progessing. Time goes so fast!!! She looks like a confident, little lady in that graduation gown. Congrats, Meghan. How exciting for Nicole. :)