Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I have to say that I am horrible with Cameras.... not the picture taking so much (although I definitely am not a professional) but the actual keeping up with them.  We actually have 2 cameras - one is bigger and a little better, but the 2nd is smaller and much easier to grab and throw into the diaperbag so I end up using that one more.  But on any given day I tend to lose one or both of them.  It's hard to admit that - but there is a story (isn't there always!)...

So our house was hit with some random virus this week and Megan's been sick with a bizarre fever that comes and goes and spikes and vanishes and then comes back again... wierd!  Last night I thought we had beat it and she went to bed fever free.  But at 11:30 it was back.  This morning she was fever free but of course it came back and she went to bed with a 102 temp again tonight.  Ugh.  So much for our first week of summer vacation.

But all that to say.... yesterday, when she had a moment of feeling better - we went outside and set up the easels and painted.  I grabbed whatever camera I could find - which was the little one - and took a few shots of the girls.

Then I sat my camera down.
Later, couldn't find it - couldn't remember where it was - where I sat it...

A few hours later I remembered where I sat it...
I remembered when I opened my trunk (of Tom's car - not the van) to put groceries inside at Publix and the camera slid off the top of the trunk and into the trunk.  yeah - somehow I drove 2 miles to Publix and the camera much have gotton lodged in the spoiler on the trunk and stayed there and then slid down the trunk door when it opened.  I am beyond thankful that I didn't run over it, smash it backing out of the garage and that I found it.... I could still be looking for it.

Currently I know where both cameras are and finally got them both uploaded so heres a peek at some pictures from the lost cameras...

Another look at Megan's dance recital:

And we can't leave out the fun we are having with Rocky.  Megan is thrilled that Rocky will now run and play with her.  Tom's happy too --- he's not the only one running through the yard with him.  This was this morning (when Megan was fever free) - the girls are still in thier pj's and Rocky woke up with lots of energy.
 Here is our sweet boy!

Last Friday, to celebrate the start of summer break - we headed to the zoo and met up with some friends!
There will probably be lots of zoo pictures this year.  For the first time we learned about the "passport" for zoo members - each month you go you get a stamp in your passport.  The more stamps you get - the more "prizes" you earn.  Next month the girls will earn zoo pencils.  Then when we hit the 4th month, they get cool zoo t-shirts.  Megan's eager to get to 6 months so we can get unlimited rides wrist bands (for the remainder of our membership).  Woohoo.  So if you are a zoo member and like me you didn't know about this passport deal - stop off at the member services desk and get your passport!!!!!! 

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