Friday, May 11, 2012

New Bed, New Friend

Big happenings this Friday!!!

Nicole said goodbye to her crib....
 And hello to her big girl bed....
 She says she LOVES it!
 At naptime, she had a hard time settling down and ended up skipping her nap all together.  Then later she climbed into our bed and fell asleep for a short nap.  But tonight she's sleeping soundly in her own big girl bed.

For Nicole to get her  bed, that also means that Megan lost her bunkbeds.  She has gained "stuffed animal space" so she is pretty happy with that.
 You'd think that the excitement of new beds would be enough for our Friday - but no.....

We ended up going to get Rocky a few days early.  Let's just say we've had a fun evening of loving on Rocky and making him feel like home.
 Megan has taken her responsibility as "head dog walker" very seriously.  These two are sooo cute together.

Rocky has definitely adopted the girls.  Earlier today when I had to wake Nicole up from her unexpected nap, she was groggy and crying.  Poor Rocky didn't know what that was and sweetly got up and came to jump up on the couch with us to check on Nicole.  And that of course made everything better in Nicole's world.  And it caused me to get a bit teary eyed.  It was just so sweet.

Megan is hoping that Rocky will choose to sleep in her bed tonight...we'll have to wait and see. Currently he's getting some snuggles and pets from his new Daddy.  What a great blessing he has been to our family, in just one day!

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