Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Soccer fever

My little Lady Razorback seems to love being a new soccer player!

And her little sister can't wait to be able to play soccer too!!!!

I have to admit that I have soooo enjoyed seeing her go after that ball. She's so fearless that I wonder if this may be a sport she really takes to.


This week at practice (the 2nd one), they scrimaged another team for about 15 minutes. It was quite the comedy of errors! But look at Megan's face and how excited she is to get to that ball!!!!



This weekend Megan has her first game - oh, I'm sure that will be nail bitting fun for her family!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Church Bowling

As most of our friends and family know, we've recently transfered our membership to a new church. We LOVE our old church - Dunwoody... we met there, were married there, our kids were dedicated there... It's hard to leave something that that "old shoe comfortable," BUT, our "life" is 20 minutes away (without traffic). We really wanted our home life and our ministry life to walk hand in hand - we wanted to be able to invite our neighbors and people we met at the park and at school to come to church with us. So after much prayer we found an amazing new church that is 1 1/2 miles from our doorstep. Starting over at a new church is a bit of a daunting task - especially when everyone at that new church is also new. So we are throwing ourselves in to get to know others, and to make this new church a true home!

Well this weekend, the children's ministry had a family bowling night... so of course we were IN!!!!!


Nicole didn't bowl this time but Megan made sure she explained it all to her little sister - who was her shadow.

Megan had a great time

And we enjoyed the laid back environment to get to know a few other families.

Egg Hunt

This weekend, Megan's preschool had their annual Easter celebration. The girls were enthralled with all the animals. It started with the annual "Blessing of the animals" and then moved onto a fun egg hunt.

While they waited, they took advantage of all the open spaces to practice their twirling (thanks to their new REAL twirly skirts)...

Then they were off....


It was a fun way to spend our Saturday!

Monday, March 26, 2012


This past week, Megan had a chance to FINALLY see her costume for her upcoming ballet and tap recital (in May).

It was a fun day of dance pictures. However, it was also interesting to see how much the girls disliked their costumes. Not because they weren't cute or anything - but because evidently, they are very very very very itchy. So, that could be a very interesting day!
At least my little ballerina is able to put on a happy face - hopefully the group picture will show lots of happy girls!


I'm back.....

Sorry for the blogging hiatis. I know I've had a few emails asking where we were... we'll, we had a rough couple of weeks with Megan getting the flu, then I got the flu, Nicole was on Tamiflu to prevent her from getting the flu. Then of course, illness couldn't just end there - oh no, we had a horrible re-visit from Megan's asthma - which is now under control, thankfully!!!!! In the midst of all that, Tom had a conference out of town. Then to add insult to injury - we found out that Nicole has an abcessing tooth. :^( Tomorrow we have a consultation with the oral surgeon because more than likely, she'll have to have to have that tooth extracted - this is the same tooth that she chipped a year ago. We were able to keep in and healthy for a year, but it looks like nature is taking it's course and the tooth is dying. So she's on a long round of antibiotics to treat the infection while we make plans on what to do about that tooth now.

On top of all that - we are working on cleaning out the house, changing out wardrobes with sizes and seasons, and trying to get a room finished in the basement. Tired yet? I am!

All that to say - life has been crazy and the blog has been put on the backburner.
But I think I'm starting to get a grip on life again - now everyone seems to be well, the basement room is DONE, and although I feel like I'm still being swallowed by laundry - at least it's all clean!

The next few weeks will also include spring break, rearranging the girls room, Nicole moving to a big girl bed, and probably potty training. Oh I'm sure there will be lots of stories there! Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with them all!

Stay tuned, I'll try to get caught up in the next few days!

Friday, March 16, 2012


This past week (before all the illness hit our home), Megan was supposed to have her first soccer practice. She was sooooo excited!

I'm just glad we got out to practice in the backyard before "real" practice...
because as soon as we pulled out of the driveway - it started raining and our 1st practice got cancelled.

Nicole really wanted to join her sister in the soccer world - and the next day, she got her chance to meet her own coach! Nicole started her own little sports class - just for 2 year olds. Over the next 10 weeks she'll learn a little about T-ball, basketball, football and soccer. Her first class was so cute - she went right in without me. She turned around and said, "I go to MY coach!"
I peeked in the window just in time to see her have her turn at the T...
and learn how to run the bases...

She ran out at the end saying, "momma I had so fun!"
And I must say, Momma enjoyed her 30 minutes of not chasing anyone.

Sickness update.... Megan is doing better - she hasn't gotton her appitite back yet, but she's pepped up and is almost herself again, only tires easily. She didn't have her flu shot this year (yeah, note to self to not put it off next year) so it really hit her hard.
Nicole - I think she's ok. She seemed to have a lowgrade fever but was acting fine. We are laying low because now that she's on Tamiflu as a preventitive dose, she may have it and not really show symptoms. And if she does have it, it might be mild since she had the flumist. But if she has it, she's contagius - even without "real" symptoms.
Val - yeah, I think I have it. Early this afternoon I suddenly came down with a fever and horrible cough so, I started Tamiflu this afternoon. So with that and the fact that I did have the flu shot as well, I'm hoping that this is as bad as it gets and that my temp doesn't go up.
Tom - Thankfully he seems to be ok - we are praying that he doesn't get it (he had the shot too) because he has some major work commitments this week.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The 3 letter word of dread


Oh yeah - here it is mid march - over 80 degrees outside and we are huddled up inside. Poor Megan woke up with a fever this morning - and low and behold she has the flu.

So far Nicole, Tom and I seem ok. We have a couple of friends who are sick, and they all got the flumist in the fall. So, as a precaution Nicole is on a preventitive dose of an anti-viral. Tom and I got the shots, so we'll see if that helps protect us.

Hopefully this will pass quickly...

Well - spoke too soon. They said the main side effect of the tamiflu was an upset stomach and vomiting.... we are there.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Birthday Celebration

For Megan's 5th birthday she has been begging for a "pamper party." This isn't just something she dreamed up - she's actually been talking about this for a year. I tell you what - she's definitely a girly girl! Her greatest desire is painting nails and wearing fancy dresses. So to celebrate this 1/2 decade mark, we set up a little spa and got all girly.


Megan was able to invite the girls from her school. They each had a table to sit at with a special "salonist" (the big sisters of one of Megan's friends).

It was super cute!



Even Nicole got in on the girly action...

Oh but the pampering didn't stop there - we also decorated headbands and hand mirrors.

Megan requested a special cake for this special party - unicorns!

We had a little cake "issue"... but Target made our cake and I made the rainbow (melted jolly ranchers), and thanks to my niece for letting us borrow her Playmobil Unicorns.

It was fun and fabulous and the best part....
Megan got to spend a super fun morning with her school friends.
Isn't it grand to be 5!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Oh what a (birth)day!

Our little miss sure did have a full day today as she celebrated turing 5. We started off with a special birthday breakfast - just what the birthday girl ordered - pancakes!

After a day of celebrating at school with friends, practicing for her dance recital (and finally getting her costume), and just all around fun...

We headed to a skating party for a friend (who is the big brother of one of Megan's friends)...

Megan was a trooper - she's never had real skates on before, but she was fearless and pushed through any fears she had. And she had so much fun!

Well Nicole was not going to let her big sister have all the fun - when Megan and I put on our skates - she was taking her shoes off and looking for her skates. It was quite cute so we gave in and let the little one have a go of it. I was sure she'd last all of 4 minutes with those skates on.


Oh yeah, she showed me... she kept those skates on the whole time and was like the energizer bunny - she just kept going and going!
We got a little skate helper for Megan - most of the girls her age had one to help them get around the rink.

Of course, Nicole wanted in on that action too...

We came home and let Megan open her family birthday presents. I think her favorite present was her new "pet hotel" - We introduced it as a little hotel for her stuffed animals. Well that was all those girls needed to hear...

And that is just the tip of the iceberg of her stuffed animals. She told me that she might need another one or a really tall one. Good to know.

(and thanks Dawn Blaisdell - that was our $2.99 Goodwill find from last summer that I've been keeping for just the right moment.)

Now the girls have collapsed from skating exhaustion and fun - and I'm wondering if I'll be able to move in the morning. :^)

A Whole Hand!

Megan is super excited that today she is a WHOLE HAND! The big 5!!!!! Half a decade... oh my goodness, how has it been 5 years with this little angel of mine?

Sweet, sassy, strong-willed, gentle, kind, tough, silly, inquisitive, daring, tender-hearted, energetic, loving, sensitive, thoughtful, artistic, spirited.... and those are just a few of her qualities.


My sweet Megan,
You are turning 5 and it's such a pleasure to be your mommy and daddy! We count ourselves soooo blessed every day. You are so full of love and we eat up all those snuggles and hugs - they are little touches from God, through your arms.

As you celebrate your birthday - here are a few tidbits about you...
You are such a morning person. Thankfully, most mornings you abide by my "7" rule and stay in bed until the first number on the clock is a 7. Although I'm usually groggy and wanting more sleep, I love that you come in to wake me up and give me my first big smile of the day with a little, "mommy, it's good morning time!" Those 7am snuggles are precious and I treasure them!

You are a picky eater.... Well, as your Grandma and Granddad would say - it's just payback for my own crazy eating habits as a child. I'm thankful that most things you'll at least try, even though you are willing to go to bed hungry instead of eating whatever I make (oh yeah, I was that child too). And like me - you LOVE a good spoon of peanut butter!

Your favorite "friends" are snowball, snowflake, and snowella - your white bear, kitty, and horse. But you are such a stuffed animal girl - they are all so important to you and you pretty much know if any of your hundred furry friends (well, it seems like a hundred) are missing.

It is so fun to watch you being a little artist - you love to try anything creative - and currently ask to paint "landscapes" every day.

You are a great big sister (most days) and are so sweet to teach Nicole how to do about anything - especially those things that Mommy and Daddy don't want her to learn to do (like leap over the back of the sofa or climb on chairs to get to the bandaids)... and little Nicole adores you and follows you around like a little shadow. She still calls you "Deedee" and you seem to love that you have a special title in her life. I love how much you two love each other and pray that you always will have that special bond with one another!


You can be totally goofy and silly and like all little girls, get into your share of trouble.... But when push comes to shove - your sweet tender heart melts my heart. I love that you get scared that Curious George is going to get in trouble, and that you cry every time you watch a movie when someone misses their mommy (like Tangled), and that virtually every Disney or Pixar movie is too scary for you. I pray that your heart will always be so sensitive to injustice and hurting people.

This is only the tip of the iceburg of what you are like as you turn a whole handful. Sometimes you are a handful - and always you are a heartful! Our hearts runneth over with love for you!!!

My sweet 5 year old - Happy Birthday!!!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

A bit of art?

My girls have always loved art! And I love watching them stretch their little artistic legs!

Nicole has learned so much from watching megan - she's actually really good at trying to stay in lines and color a specific spot.

I've enjoyed getting our easel out and letting Nicole get her "artist" on. So much messy fun!

Look at this intent face...

We are still working on "don't put the paintbrush in your mouth"....

Sunday, March 4, 2012


We have been missing that warm springlike weather. But a 30 degree drop in temps and gusty wind doesn't really stop my girls from wanting to be outside zooming around.


It's hard to believe this "little one" is about to be 5.

And her little sister is on her heels!
Nicole hasn't quite figured out how to peddle yet - but that doesn't stop her from keeping up!