Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Whole Hand!

Megan is super excited that today she is a WHOLE HAND! The big 5!!!!! Half a decade... oh my goodness, how has it been 5 years with this little angel of mine?

Sweet, sassy, strong-willed, gentle, kind, tough, silly, inquisitive, daring, tender-hearted, energetic, loving, sensitive, thoughtful, artistic, spirited.... and those are just a few of her qualities.


My sweet Megan,
You are turning 5 and it's such a pleasure to be your mommy and daddy! We count ourselves soooo blessed every day. You are so full of love and we eat up all those snuggles and hugs - they are little touches from God, through your arms.

As you celebrate your birthday - here are a few tidbits about you...
You are such a morning person. Thankfully, most mornings you abide by my "7" rule and stay in bed until the first number on the clock is a 7. Although I'm usually groggy and wanting more sleep, I love that you come in to wake me up and give me my first big smile of the day with a little, "mommy, it's good morning time!" Those 7am snuggles are precious and I treasure them!

You are a picky eater.... Well, as your Grandma and Granddad would say - it's just payback for my own crazy eating habits as a child. I'm thankful that most things you'll at least try, even though you are willing to go to bed hungry instead of eating whatever I make (oh yeah, I was that child too). And like me - you LOVE a good spoon of peanut butter!

Your favorite "friends" are snowball, snowflake, and snowella - your white bear, kitty, and horse. But you are such a stuffed animal girl - they are all so important to you and you pretty much know if any of your hundred furry friends (well, it seems like a hundred) are missing.

It is so fun to watch you being a little artist - you love to try anything creative - and currently ask to paint "landscapes" every day.

You are a great big sister (most days) and are so sweet to teach Nicole how to do about anything - especially those things that Mommy and Daddy don't want her to learn to do (like leap over the back of the sofa or climb on chairs to get to the bandaids)... and little Nicole adores you and follows you around like a little shadow. She still calls you "Deedee" and you seem to love that you have a special title in her life. I love how much you two love each other and pray that you always will have that special bond with one another!


You can be totally goofy and silly and like all little girls, get into your share of trouble.... But when push comes to shove - your sweet tender heart melts my heart. I love that you get scared that Curious George is going to get in trouble, and that you cry every time you watch a movie when someone misses their mommy (like Tangled), and that virtually every Disney or Pixar movie is too scary for you. I pray that your heart will always be so sensitive to injustice and hurting people.

This is only the tip of the iceburg of what you are like as you turn a whole handful. Sometimes you are a handful - and always you are a heartful! Our hearts runneth over with love for you!!!

My sweet 5 year old - Happy Birthday!!!!!

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Dawn said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Princess Megan!!! You have touched our hearts and lives beyond words, and we thank God for you every day! We wish we could be there to celebrate with you today, but instead will have to send our birthday greetings and hugs long distance. But we can't wait to see you soon, and then we'll make up for lost time!

We love you, sweet girl!

Uncle Tony, Auntie Dawn, Bear, Buddy, Jake (and Angel Bebe)