Friday, March 16, 2012


This past week (before all the illness hit our home), Megan was supposed to have her first soccer practice. She was sooooo excited!

I'm just glad we got out to practice in the backyard before "real" practice...
because as soon as we pulled out of the driveway - it started raining and our 1st practice got cancelled.

Nicole really wanted to join her sister in the soccer world - and the next day, she got her chance to meet her own coach! Nicole started her own little sports class - just for 2 year olds. Over the next 10 weeks she'll learn a little about T-ball, basketball, football and soccer. Her first class was so cute - she went right in without me. She turned around and said, "I go to MY coach!"
I peeked in the window just in time to see her have her turn at the T...
and learn how to run the bases...

She ran out at the end saying, "momma I had so fun!"
And I must say, Momma enjoyed her 30 minutes of not chasing anyone.

Sickness update.... Megan is doing better - she hasn't gotton her appitite back yet, but she's pepped up and is almost herself again, only tires easily. She didn't have her flu shot this year (yeah, note to self to not put it off next year) so it really hit her hard.
Nicole - I think she's ok. She seemed to have a lowgrade fever but was acting fine. We are laying low because now that she's on Tamiflu as a preventitive dose, she may have it and not really show symptoms. And if she does have it, it might be mild since she had the flumist. But if she has it, she's contagius - even without "real" symptoms.
Val - yeah, I think I have it. Early this afternoon I suddenly came down with a fever and horrible cough so, I started Tamiflu this afternoon. So with that and the fact that I did have the flu shot as well, I'm hoping that this is as bad as it gets and that my temp doesn't go up.
Tom - Thankfully he seems to be ok - we are praying that he doesn't get it (he had the shot too) because he has some major work commitments this week.

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