Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Church Bowling

As most of our friends and family know, we've recently transfered our membership to a new church. We LOVE our old church - Dunwoody... we met there, were married there, our kids were dedicated there... It's hard to leave something that that "old shoe comfortable," BUT, our "life" is 20 minutes away (without traffic). We really wanted our home life and our ministry life to walk hand in hand - we wanted to be able to invite our neighbors and people we met at the park and at school to come to church with us. So after much prayer we found an amazing new church that is 1 1/2 miles from our doorstep. Starting over at a new church is a bit of a daunting task - especially when everyone at that new church is also new. So we are throwing ourselves in to get to know others, and to make this new church a true home!

Well this weekend, the children's ministry had a family bowling night... so of course we were IN!!!!!


Nicole didn't bowl this time but Megan made sure she explained it all to her little sister - who was her shadow.

Megan had a great time

And we enjoyed the laid back environment to get to know a few other families.

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