Monday, March 26, 2012


I'm back.....

Sorry for the blogging hiatis. I know I've had a few emails asking where we were... we'll, we had a rough couple of weeks with Megan getting the flu, then I got the flu, Nicole was on Tamiflu to prevent her from getting the flu. Then of course, illness couldn't just end there - oh no, we had a horrible re-visit from Megan's asthma - which is now under control, thankfully!!!!! In the midst of all that, Tom had a conference out of town. Then to add insult to injury - we found out that Nicole has an abcessing tooth. :^( Tomorrow we have a consultation with the oral surgeon because more than likely, she'll have to have to have that tooth extracted - this is the same tooth that she chipped a year ago. We were able to keep in and healthy for a year, but it looks like nature is taking it's course and the tooth is dying. So she's on a long round of antibiotics to treat the infection while we make plans on what to do about that tooth now.

On top of all that - we are working on cleaning out the house, changing out wardrobes with sizes and seasons, and trying to get a room finished in the basement. Tired yet? I am!

All that to say - life has been crazy and the blog has been put on the backburner.
But I think I'm starting to get a grip on life again - now everyone seems to be well, the basement room is DONE, and although I feel like I'm still being swallowed by laundry - at least it's all clean!

The next few weeks will also include spring break, rearranging the girls room, Nicole moving to a big girl bed, and probably potty training. Oh I'm sure there will be lots of stories there! Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with them all!

Stay tuned, I'll try to get caught up in the next few days!

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