Monday, March 12, 2012

Birthday Celebration

For Megan's 5th birthday she has been begging for a "pamper party." This isn't just something she dreamed up - she's actually been talking about this for a year. I tell you what - she's definitely a girly girl! Her greatest desire is painting nails and wearing fancy dresses. So to celebrate this 1/2 decade mark, we set up a little spa and got all girly.


Megan was able to invite the girls from her school. They each had a table to sit at with a special "salonist" (the big sisters of one of Megan's friends).

It was super cute!



Even Nicole got in on the girly action...

Oh but the pampering didn't stop there - we also decorated headbands and hand mirrors.

Megan requested a special cake for this special party - unicorns!

We had a little cake "issue"... but Target made our cake and I made the rainbow (melted jolly ranchers), and thanks to my niece for letting us borrow her Playmobil Unicorns.

It was fun and fabulous and the best part....
Megan got to spend a super fun morning with her school friends.
Isn't it grand to be 5!

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