Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Today we went... Down on the Farm - preschool musical style!

Before the performance started - the minister prayed and I happened to have my camera sitting on my knee and got this sweet picture of Nicole praying.  Totally melted my heart!

According to her teacher, Megan has been a great little singer so this morning they moved her to the front row - what a cute litte polka dotted pig she is! 
 Here's a couple of little video's from the performance:


Old MacDonald....  If you listen to the end, you'll notice a new animal on the farm.  Mr John (the music teacher) let the kids vote on what animals to include... and the Unicorns evidently got a lot of votes.
(don't you love the funny little boy next to Megan)

Baa Ball Black Sheep (and megan gets a little ahead of the game).  :^)

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