Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spa Girl!

For Megan's birthday (back in March), we had gotton a Groupon for a little girl spa outing at a local girls spa.  Megan LOVES having her nails painted so we knew that would be the perfect special birthday outing.  Well since she got sick right after her birthday we are just now getting around to our visit.  It was a special for Megan and a friend so we loaded up her friend Sydney (and her mom) and headed over for an afternoon of little girl pampering!
 First the very excited girls got to pick out a color or two for their pedicure....
 a little foot soak...
 a foot and leg massage....  Now I must admit that I expected Megan to lose it at this point because she has extremely ticklish feet!  But she seemed to love all that attention.

 Megan and Sydney - chilling and waiting for their toes to dry!  Those spa diva's!
 Once the toes were dry, they moved on to the "facial bar"... with a "natural" facial - made with vanilla yogurt and oatmeal.

 Once their skin was all shiny and mosturized, they moved on to a manicure...
 And the super fun drying fans!
Sydney, Thanks for helping Megan celebrate her birthday in spa style!

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