Saturday, April 7, 2012

First Game

Last Saturday, Megan played in her first soccer game.  Go Lady Razorbacks!!!!!
 My little #7 said she had a great time!  I love that Upwards is not competitive (It might not be as fun if they knew the score)  but teaches good sportsmanship, teamwork, and the fundamentals of the game. 

And it's fun to watch - ok, a bit nerve wracking - I mean you don't want to be the ONLY parent yelling, "no no, go the other way!!!!  Turn it around!  The other way...ooohhh, good job, way to try to stop the ball!"

 Only 4 girls from each team are on the field at a time.  And the coaches are right there on the field running with them helping them out with directions.  Megan came off the field saying, "Mr. Jeff is very encouraging."  And I thought -  I hope Mr. Jeff doesn't need to take blood pressure medicine after this... cause Mommy might.
 And while Megan was playing, Nicole got to play a bit on her own.... with her friend Bella!
Bella was there to cheer on her little sister Lucca (who we will play in a few weeks) - but while the sisters were playing, Bella was my right hand girl - and Nicole had a blast!  She got in the car saying, "Bella my friend!"  So sweet - glad they both got to have some fun.

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