Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Lake!

This past weekend, I had my first trip to the Lake.It was very fun. My life jacket was about as big as I was - but it kept me nice and safe on the boat. And Daddy made sure I stayed out of the water!We didn't spend all our time in the water though... Papa Bear and Nana B's house (that's Natalie's Daddy and Mommy) has a great beach. Megan really loves to play there! She had a life jacket to wear also!!!She even got to float in the water. I heard it was a little chilly.Yep - it's a little chilly! But I love it - I'm a water baby you know!!!!Daddy thought we were having so much fun that he was going to need a nap.Then, Natalie taught Megan to drive the boat. Just think of it - my big sister was a captain!She even took us on a tour... we got to check out Mommy's dream house! Daddy keeps talking about a lottery ticket or something like that. I found the whole experience to be very exhausting.....

Megan thought all that driving was fun. Mommy kept talking about those curls!Even with storm clouds brewing... we cruised the lake!I didn't let that interrupt my nap schedule however!We were having so much fun in the pre-summer heat that we decided to head to the marina to get some yummy ice cream. Too bad I can't eat it yet... Megan was loving her special Dora ice cream.

But it worked to my advantage - while she ate her ice cream I got a boat driving lesson! Mommy said she had a lot of fun being on the lake with her girls!

Thank you Natalie for a wonderful weekend at the lake. We can't wait to go back again!
Next time.... we're tubing! And mommy said she'd even get the skis out! WooHoo!

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