Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Pool is open... sort of.

Our neighborhood pool is officially open!
The grand opening was actually May 21st - when the schools around here finished up. But the big opening party was postponed due to weather. The rescheduled grand opening was this past weekend. So Friday evening, we all donned our swim wear and headed to the pool. Ok - we put it on and then said, "Is that thunder?"

Well.... what to do? All dressed up and not safe to swim. But dinner was not planned - well it was, it was supposed to be the free pizza at the neighborhood pool party. Huummmm.... it's not raining, and it's not lightening. And Megan's beautiful toes are just screaming for an outing!!!! So, in spite of the impending storm - we headed over to the pool! Megan was a bit bummed that we were there and she couldn't swim.
But it was a fun family outing and we got to socialize with some of our neighbors.

Pizza was had by all so I didn't have to worry about dinner! SCORE!Nicole had a great time just chillin out!

And hey --- the pool is OPEN! WooHoo!

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