Monday, May 2, 2011

Tooth Update!

Oh the tooth... or lack of a complete tooth I should say.

We've had a change in plans as far as that tooth goes. I chatted with the dentist today and we are putting the crown on hold. We are going to wait until she's out of the "clumsy new walker" stage before we move forward with the crown. The real issue is her age, however. We are waiting until she's 2 before we put her under the sedation.

Truely, this is not a "necessary" procedure at this point. If it was, the sedation wouldn't bother me as much... but the "necessary" part (to avoid a change in her bite pattern and eating more crunchy food) isn't an immediate thing we have to worry about. so we are going to let little toothy girl have her endearing little toothy grin for 6 months or so. Once she's two we will relook at the sedation to crown it. Until then, they are going to put a special sealant on there (with a bit of nitrous oxide to help her relax).

I feel more comfortable with this. Especially since 3 days after the initial chipping accident, she fell at the playgound and hit the same tooth (causing it to bleed at the gums again)..... I have a feeling we will have a lot more falls in her future. This cutie pie is fearless and thinks she's every bit a big girl as her big sister.

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hmferrero said...

I think that's smart. Jacob has a little chip in one of his front teeth also (he is very clumsy!) and I don't even really see it any more.