Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Check-ups, Shots, and Strep

What a week over here in the Blaisdell household... and it's only Tuesday.
Monday afternoon I headed over the the pediatricians office for well-check up appointments for both girls. As the date got closer and some moms started telling me about the horror of 4 year old shots - I started to get a bit nervous... so thankfully Tom was able to meet up with us and lend a VERY needed helping hand.
First the Stat's...
Nicole - 18 months
Height: 34 inches (97%)
Weight: 29 lbs, 8 oz (96%)
Megan - 4 years
Height: 40 3/4 inches (75%)
Weght: 42 lbs (90%)
Both girls got a clean bill of health. Nicole got several shots but Megan... what a trooper. She ended up gettig 5 shots and a finger stick. Poor thing. This completes her shots until she's 12 or so. Since there were 2 of us there and she wasn't sick (which is rare for us at a well child appt), they gave her all her 5 year old shots also. That way, when it's time for early registration for Kindergarten, she's all good to go.
Unfortunately Megan's legs were very sore and she's not liking that one bit.
Nicole seemed to have a bit of a reaction to the shots.... last night she just had no appetite and then the floodgates opened and the vomiting began. UGH! Anyone who knows me knows that this is NOT my cup of tea. But you do what you must in the name of mommyhood! Sadly little Nicole was sick all night and all morning. She couldn't keep even the tiniest bit of fluid down so we ended up back at the pediatrians office (less than 20 hours since we'd left). Low and behold.... that little girl has Strep Throat (not a reaction to the shots). At her well-child appt, her throat looked fine.... what a difference 20 hours can make.
So we have one dose of antibiotics in her, and the anti-nausea medicine seems to be working. The girls are napping now and mommy and daddy WISH we were too...it was a very long night last night.
Here's to hoping that Wednesday is a little more gentle on us!

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