Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What a good nights sleep looks like...

Every night Tom and I peek in on the girls and whisper our goodnights while they sleep.

Nicole usually gets a blanket put on her, or a foot poked back through the slats of the crib.

Megan - well....

She usually ends up having to be moved back onto the bed, or turned around or something. That child is the wildest sleeper I've ever seen. It's always a fun adventure to look in and see where she is in bed. The funniest position is when she was half on half off. Evidently she had fallen out of bed and climbed back in but only got half way back in before she fell asleep again. Her bed is the bottom of a bunk bed and it's inbetween the 2 dressers that hold up the top bunk. We've never had rails up because half the bed is "gated"... but our little sleeper manages to make sleeping fun and unpredictable.

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