Thursday, May 6, 2010

So Complete

It may not be Mother's Day yet - but my "Mother's Day" is already complete!

This morning I got to go to school with Megan for a Mother's Day breakfast. It was so fun to have this one on one time with my big girl. Thankfully Tom was working from home today so Nicole got to stay home and snooze with Daddy (at least part of the time) so we girls could have our time. The kids presented us moms with a cute candle holder decorated with their fingerprints that were made into bugs and flowers - so cute. And, a poem that made all of us cry.
And if that wasn't enough, I came home to a baby who was waking up in the best mood. She was talking to herself in her little crib mirror....

And she was saying, "ma ma, ma ma, ma ma, ma ma..." Oh my goodness my heart just melted and once again the tears were welling up in my eyes. Both my girls have brought me to tears today - but tears of bliss. Like I said, my Mother's Day is already complete!

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Dawn said...

Happy Mother's Day, Val! Those little girls are incredibly blessed to have such an awesome we all are to have you in our family! We love you!