Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

It's been a super wonderful Mother's Day! I put a post up earlier in the week that it started with a sweet breakfast with Megan at her school and Nicole starting to practice her "ma ma" sounds. And it just gets better. This weekend the girls and Tom treated me to breakfast out and a trip to the park.... on the way to the park we decided to drive past a local equestrian center to see if they had any horses out (it's open to the public and actually part of the park we were going to). And we hit the jackpot - they were having a horse show!
So of course we had to stay and watch the horses. Megan was mesmerized by the horses jumping.

It was so nice that Megan got to get up close and personal with the horses. She would talk to them and was full of questions about them. And of course, now she wants a horse.I told Tom, he better watch it.... I once told my parents that I wanted a horse.... and got one. :^) Somehow my plea for a horse ended up with all of us taking horseback riding lessons together as a family activity and eventually us owning 4 horses (one for each of us). I love it! So watch out Tom - you never know what will happen when a little girl gets horse fever!!!!Nicole wasn't into the horses as much... she was all about giving me kisses. So sweet - she was all about celebrating Mother's Day with a kiss!I just had to put this picture on her. Nicole has a special way of soothing herself - grabbing your hair. She'll hold on for dear life -I think it's like her security blanket... just making sure you aren't leaving her.After we finished horsing around (ha ha), we headed to the park. Tom got his arm workout by pushing Megan high in the air and then being a "Daddy Swing" for Nicole.She LOVED it! Nicole definitely has an adventureous spirit, even at her young age. More fun was had, but you'll have to wait for another post to catch the rest of it.
Happy Mother's Day!

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