Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Oh yeah - we hit the jackpot...

1. Right ear - infected
2. Left ear - infected
3. Lungs - wheezy

Is there a quadecta?
4. Megan wheezing

Let's just say that each girl has her own "mask" for the nebulizer (breathing treatments). Nicole slept through her first one. Perhaps that's because she's been so miserable that she's not napping and was plum exhausted and once mommy got all her necessary drugs in her - she was out (that was an hour and a half ago - yeah!).

Megan was coughing and wheezing when Tom picked her up at school (while Nicole and I were at the Dr's office). She didn't even want to play on the playground and was happy to get a breathing treatment. I was hoping she'd outgrown her asthma symptoms. But no, it's reared it's head again.

Hopefully we'll move on to better times soon!


hmferrero said...

Oh no!!!! I'm so sorry. I know what it's like, but it's even harder with one of them being a baby. Waah.

Dawn said...

Oh, poor little sunshines...and not so fun for their Mommy and Daddy, either! Hopefully the medicine and breathing treatments will do their magic and you're girls will be back to their happy little selves very soon!

Love you!