Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mini Meet

Last week we headed over to support Megan's cousin Anna in a little swim team mini-meet. The 5 year olds have a little "mini meet" to get them used to the swim meet environment. There are several teenagers from the swim team who help the little ones get across the pool. Here's Anna's cheering section...
It was so cute to see Megan so excited to see Anna swim. In every race Megan would yell, "Go Nanna" (obviously her "anna" comes out as "nanna") - even when Anna wasn't in the water. She couldn't really tell them swimmers apart so she cheered for Anna the whole time.

She was a champ in the freestyle and even mustered up the courage to go for it with the backstroke.

After the meet, all the kids had fun in the water! Megan thought it was about time - she was struggling to understand why she couldn't get in with Anna.

Megan loves her cousins!

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