Friday, May 29, 2009

1st Trip to the Lake

For Memorial Day (I'm only a weekend late) we had a fabulous trip to Lake Burton with some friends. It was so much fun, and it was Megan's first lake trip. Our friend Natalie invited some folks from church (choir friends) to her parent's lake house. It was a perfect start to "summer."

Each morning Megan and Mary Grace would wake up and sit in the bay window watching the boats go by. Mary Grace is about 7 weeks older than Megan so they had a fun time playing together. All the kids had other kids their age to hang with and that made it extra fun for the parents because everyone had a playmate. Megan LOVED going out on the boat!
She was even brave enough to try her hand at driving the boat!
The girls all had a great time -Natalie, Me, Megan, Mary Grace and her mom Amy, Amy's older daughter Lydia, Sonja (Sasha as Megan calls her) and her daughter Ashley, and Leslie and her daughter Katherine.And the boys followed suite - Mike and his son Grant, Tim (who you can't see) and his son Andrew, and Tom - you could generally find them in the speed boat.

All the kiddo's loved going tubing - and of course Megan and Mary Grace wanted in on the action!
But instead of being behind the boat - they had a more personal touch! Talk about love.... Natalie got in the water (ok, it was after she water skiied) to pull them around. Did I mention the water was freezing!Once Megan had enough of tubing (and she got her whole body in the water to realize how cold it was) , she moved on to sitting on the dock and splashing the water.

Tom got to experience his first Sea-doo ride. I was a bit jealous I have to admit.... something about not letting pregnant women ride sea-doos and speed boats. I'll just have to go back next spring/summer and take my turn on the water hog and skiing.

One of the best parts of Natalie's parents house is that they not only have a great dock - but they have a great little beach. So the little (and not so little) ones had a place to play without having to get totally in the water (did I mention it was freezing).

And we always had our watch dog - Bradford - nearby. He's an amazing dog and Megan really didn't understand why she couldn't take him home with her.

I can't say enough about how much fun we had! Thank you Natalie!!!! Not only was it a relaxing weekend, but it was a weekend away with friends we wouldn't normally have a chance to vacation with. Megan loved it and is ready to road trip back asap!

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Natalie said...

Aunt Natalie loved every minute of my time there with you all. I look forward to many returned trips. Bradford is missing Megan.