Saturday, May 16, 2009

Resident Artist

This week was our final week of art classes - but that sure didn't slow Megan down. Virtually every day we were outside painting and creating. Megan loves her "do a dot" marker painters. They usually end up being pretty messy so I have to admit that I don't break them out a lot. But, Megan was really wanting to get her birthday Thank you notes done (just a few months late due to mommy being so sick) and wanted to add her own little artsy touch to them.
And, we broke out the finger paints! Woohoo! Although it was a little funny because Megan really didn't want to get her hands dirty. That's funny because she has no problem getting regular paint, markers, and such all over herself... but oh no, not the really easy to wash off finger paints.

Daddy even took his lunch break to watch the in-house artist at work!

Once I conceded and gave her some "fun" painting utensils (like a paint brush, cotton ball, and bottle cap) she was a happy little artist again.

I have to say, it's great having a little table outside for Megan to work on - helps me keep the kitchen a little less paint covered.

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Sandy P said...

Q-Tips are great for painting with little ones. We used them in an art class once and have been big fans since then.