Friday, May 22, 2009

School's Out!

Congratulations to all the wonderful teachers in my life!!! If you are in my area - School's Out! Yipee!!!!!!!! On Wednesday Megan and I took a little field trip to my old school to see some of my friends. Let's just say that if when I'm in my old stompin' ground - I need a tour guide, it's changed sooo much in 2 years. But what hasn't changed are my great teacher friends. Megan had a great time hanging out with Amy (my old trailer roommate).
And she hit the jackpot with Carol - somehow Megan charmed her way into taking Carol's roses home with her. Thanks Carol - they are beautifing our kitchen table!
Now everytime we drive past a school Megan asks, "Mommy school?" and when I say no she becomes a little more quiet saying, "no, not mommy school." I think she'll be excited to come back and visit in the fall.

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