Friday, May 1, 2009

Heart Wrenching Story

Have you ever watched something on tv, or read a book and you were so captivated by it. You were inspired, mesmerized, just caught up in it..... then suddenly in the blink of an eye what was so inspiring suddenly left you in a heap of tears and emotions that almost can't be defined because they are so raw?

Well, sometimes blogs are like that. You know it's a strange world where you can feel so attached and apart of someone's life - yet you've never met them. But you walk through thier stories and pray for them and in some way you "know" them, without actually knowing them.

I've been following a blog and praying for a little family that I've never met. It's an amazing story and this sweet family is so inspiring as you watch them live their faith out in the midst of a challenging circumstance. However, in the past couple of weeks it's just caused me to fall on my face in a heap of tears and pray like never before. I don't know if it's just the heart-wrenching nature of what's happening to them, or pregnancy hormones on overdrive, or what... but oh my! I log on to find out the latest news and what I can pray for - but I have to be very careful because I know that it's doubtful that I'll walk away from my computer without sobbing.

So.... if you have a moment (when you are alone or with someone you can cry with) log on and read Kayleigh's story. She's 10 months old..... she was born 3 months premature. From conception the Dr's said she'd never live, and wouldn't even be born. She was - 1 lb, 1 oz. She's never left the hospital, and suddenly last week tragedy hit and Kayleigh took a serious turn for the worst. Every day this little family keeps getting bombarded with bad news and told there's no hope. And today, the prognosis got more grim (if that were possible). But the amazing thing is to watch this amazing couple endure this with a faith that is steadfast and outright unexplained. They are always honest about their struggles, but at the end of the day give all glory to God.

I warn you, if you are anything like me - entering into Kayleigh's world will rip your heart open. But hopefully it'll also inspire you to want a faith as enduring and unyeilding as theirs. I hope you'll read her story and pray for her parents... it's the situation that no parent should ever have to endure!


Whitlamy said...

I had seen this blog from another one I follow. You're brings you to tears!

Anonymous said...

I found this blog from a link on Amy's blog. It brings me to tears...

julianne said...

Thank you for putting up the link to Kaleigh's story. As I sobbed through the reading, I have prayed for this family and their angel. Thanks again for your post.