Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh Mommy!

Megan loves the camera, and last week I got a funny shot of us together. She loves for me to take a picture and then will run and look to see how it turned out.
And Grandma's..... Here's your little granddaughter working on her Mother's Day cards for you. I just thought you'd like to see the focus and deliberation that went into them. And yes - she is laying on the coffee table.... I was picking my battles that day.

Several folks have asked how I'm feeling... so I'll throw it out there so you can keep on praying. I've had some good days and I think, "woohoo, I'm on the upswing and this sickness is finally going away" - then I have 2 or 3 days of feeling really bad (like this week) and I realize, ok, I'll take the good days when I can. But to be honest, today has been hard. Mostly because it's been hard on Megan. She's cried more today than she has in weeks, all because mommy was feeling really really "icky". That's hard on my heart. It's bad enough to be so sick you can't get out of the bathroom to even turn on the tv to try to occupy her... but to have her clinging to my leg crying at the same time (she's hugging me to make me feel better), talk about heart wrenching. I'd really been feeling better - even to the point of telling my Dr. that I didn't think I would need a refill on my anti-nausea medicine. But lets just say, I've been rethinking that the past few days. Thankfully I have a wonderfully sweet husband that thoughtfully overlooks the fact that our house is a disaster, I haven't cooked in I don't know how long, I can't do dishes when I feel ill, and thousand of other little things have just been "put on hold." Thanks Tom - I cherish you all the more for reminding me that this is just a season. :^/

On that same kind of note - I also found out that my iron is really low. Low enough that they are going to be monitoring it closely. That explains why there are some days that I'm soooooo tired that I can barely function. Of course if you can't keep food down, you aren't absorbing iron. But I'm also thinking that the iron supplements are what have really made me sick today. But it's not like I have a choice at this point. I'm just praying that at my next appt, it's made an improvement and then I can at least say - it's worth it. But.... even with all that - things are going well. Megan is very excited to be a big sister! Of course, she really has no idea what that means. But she's practicing with her dolls and occasionally asks when "her baby" is coming.

Last but certainly not least.... Say a prayer for Kayleigh's family. Kayleigh fought a huge battle against all odds and out survived anything the Dr's imagined for her..... and is now with the Lord. I can barely write about it without starting to cry again. You can read her story by clicking on the link on the right.


Dawn said...

I LOVE that picture of the you and Megan, Val! How adorable! You can just see in her face how much she loves you! I am so sorry to hear you've been so sick again, though. I wish I were closer to help you out. Please know that we are praying HARD that you will begin to feel better soon. For real. For good! Sounds like you have the sweetest little "nurse" in the whole world there with you. Give her a big hug! We can't wait to see you SOON! Hopefully you'll be feeling better by then. We love and miss you!!!

Whitlamy said...

I think being pregnant with a toddler was harder than having a newborn and a toddler. You forget how taxing pregnancy is on your body. I feel for you and hope things turn around soon.

Michelle said...

In my first trimester on #2 & #3 all I did was lay on the couch and sleep most of my day. My kids watched video after video. You'll get through it and Megan will barely remember it! :)