Sunday, May 3, 2009

What makes my heart smile?

My dear sweet husband makes my heart smile!
There is just not much on earth that is sweeter than....

Watching Megan follow you on stage to practice singing with you during choir practice on Sunday morning. And when she's not on stage, we are in the back of the church singing and dancing while she points at you saying, "My Daddy singing". All the while she is clapping and waving, just to make sure you know that she's still there rooting you on.

Or watching you get on the floor and play trains with you. And by the way - you do a great Sir Top 'em Hat impersonation! I can hear you guys before I see you and I just have to pause and listen at Megan's giggles and the amazing memories you are making together. I just fall in love with you both over and over again!

But I have say, one of the sweetest things is to watch you play dolls with Megan. She loves it when her Daddy helps her feed and burp the babies. And it's good practice for you both! :^) It just makes my heart smile!!!!!

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