Thursday, May 7, 2009

Coming out of her shell!

Ok, now I know that Megan really doesn't need to "come out of her shell"... she's a flirty, way social child. However, I made a post last week or so about our little art class and how it was fun but very overwhelming for me. Megan loves it... but I'm exhausted by the end of it.

Well I have to say, as the class draws to a close - she's totally become a pro-twoosy doodler! Today she even got up and "shared" about her painting with Ms. Kim. Normally she just runs up and grabs her painting to bring it to me. But oh no today she ran up there and started talking about it ("I paint" "leaf" "dot dot dot" roll brush" - stuff like that).
We only have 1 class left, and I have to admit - I'm going to miss it. And I NEVER thought I'd say that. But today she sat and listened like never before, and was even the teachers helper (no shock there). I would actually consider signing her up again now that I see my little artist actually coming into her own. At the end of class we had to leave her artwork because it's entered into their student art show (which opens this Friday evening and runs through June 19th). It took a lot to comfort a very distraught artist who didn't understand why she couldn't take her cool tree home to show Daddy. No worries.... we'll just take Daddy to the art show to see her painting hanging on the wall with the other interesting twoosy doodler art.

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Uncle Dan said...

I loved the description of Megan's activity level at the art class. As a teacher I loved where she went to the front and talked about her painting!

Do they allow uncles from far away places visit the art show?