Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We love the zoo!

In less than a week we've already been to the zoo twice.... let me just say that breaking down and buying a zoo pass was totally worth it! Megan loves the zoo... and I love watching her have so much fun. Ok, truth be known, I love the zoo too! Monday we met up with some friends for our little zoo adventure. Here are the tykes - Caroline, Megan and Doss.
This time we actually made it to the petting zoo. Megan was so sweet with the animals. It gave me hope that maybe that "gentle touch" is starting to sink in.

She even gave the pigs a little brush - normally she avoids them. They seem to scare her. But not this time...

And of course, you have to go on the hokey train ride! It was Doss and Caroline's first zoo choo choo experience. Here's Caroline and her mommy, Suzanna. And Doss and his daddy, Scott.

Before we headed home (almost 2 hours after our normal nap time) we ran into some other little friends at the zoo playground. Here's Megan sandwiched inbetween Abby and Eli. Megan was so tired she was being very goofy.

And of course, no trip to the playground is complete without a ride on the airplane seesaw. Megan got Doss to hitch a ride with her.

And why do I love going to the playground with Megan (whether it's at the zoo or a local park)???? Just watch her enthusiasm!

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