Saturday, April 25, 2009

Keep the racquet down....

So - what do you get when you give a Dad and a little girl a badminton racquet?

A "pre-tennis" lesson?
Or the new and improved method of swatting at carpenter bees?

Note Megan's look of complete fear... she's terrified of bees. It must be some innate fear that children have - insect quickly buzzing by them. Her most uttered statements right now go something like this..
"go bee go"
"bee gone"
"no thank you bee"
or my favorite - "mommy bee fly me"

This was just a cute picture I snapped from the kitchen window tonight. Tom was outside grilling with Megan, and Megan decided to go off-roading with her little grill. Maybe she was trying to find a bee-free zone.

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Whitlamy said...

Cute! you know, bryce chases bees and frequently is trying to catch them. he had our neighbor cringing the other day as he was getting mighty close to catching/touching a carpenter bee. i am afraid he'll learn the hard way that bees sting.