Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Facts

It's true - Megan is going to be a big sister! It's sweet because when we pray at meals and bedtime she has her little "routine" of who to pray for - "mommy, daddy, megan," and she's started saying, "baby." It makes me smile and tear up all at the same time. We've prayed for a little brother/sister for Megan, but didn't know if we would be blessed in that way. So it's a huge answer to prayer and we are praising God for it! The really cool God part of the story - we'd prayed that I would get pregnant by Megan's 2nd birthday, or else we'd go chat with the Dr's about what was up (again) - since I'm sooooo advanced in maternal age :^) and we knew our window of having another one was very short.... well, we didn't know it on her birthday, but that prayer was answered.

The nitty gritty.... my due date is November 13. We've already gotton to see the heartbeat twice and everything looks great. I just can't believe we are already 1/4 of the way through the pregnancy. We were waiting to spill the beans until we had a chance to tell our families at Easter.

And for all those who have asked... this pregnancy is moving along very similarly to Megan's..... However, this time around I got really sick, really fast. Officially my OB classifies me as having hyperemesis so they got me on an increased dosage of the anti-nausea medicine and it's working a little better. So I'm actually able to function now most days. That is why I've been a bad blogger lately.... I've been sleeping every chance I get to try to keep from getting sick. I'm praying that this all-day morning sickness starts to ease up quickly - and not last all 9 months like it did last time. So please pray for me to feel better - poor Megan gets hysterical when I'm sick and unfortunately that's been a lot in the last 5 weeks or so. Bless her little heart - there are days when I sit down and she brings me a trash can thinking I'm sick. It totally breaks my heart that she is worried about me - my sweet little sensitive baby girl!

But you know what...... It's ok! I'll take it with the little blessing attached. I wish that I was one of those really really really blessed moms who never really experienced the worst of morning-sickness (please if you are one of them, KNOW how blessed you are!), but I'm not (losing 15 lbs has been great - but I don't recommend this as a diet method) - and I know that God will give me the strength to endure this part of it. To be totally honest - I just want to be able to have the energy and stamina so that Megan enjoys this spring and summer. We've had a few weeks where I really couldn't leave the house because I was so sick - but at least with the medicine, it's not as extreme. So I'd totally appreciate your prayers for that one!

All in all.... we are so excited about this upcoming transition from 3 Blaisdells to 4. But also nervous and totally wondering what our new life together will be like. God's good and life is grand!


Sandy P said...

At MOPS Friday, I was asked "Is Valarie loosing weight?" So, at least your extreme diet techniques are noticed. By the way, I was never sick, but I gained about 10 pounds as soon as I knew I was pregnant!

Mitzi said...

You know I know how you feel.... Call me if you need anything. Most afternoons after school are free for us, I can take Megan and the boys to the park or something if you need an extra long nap. I'm praying it doesn't last as long as last time, that it would just be for the first trimester this time. I'm very excited for you guys though!!!

amy said...

new brother/sister: yay! morning sickness: boo.

i do love how god just kind of comes through with the best stuff and the most fabulous moments. maybe one day, he'll convince the medical community to come up with a better term than "advanced maternal age" or "elderly primigivida" (or whatever horrendous scientific term they throw at pregnant women over 34).

i was probably one of those blessed, lucky women--i didn't have sickness. just tired, in almost not-human way. and i couldn't eat anything other than milkshakes. (which could explain melissa's love of bananas, sweet potatoes, and apple sauce...and her continual gaggage at green beans, carrots, and oatmeal.)

when school is out? if you need an afternoon of napping? melissa and i will totally come and play with megan while you rest. megan can give melissa pointers for the best things about being 2.