Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Grandma & Papa

The past week and a half have been somewhat of a blur as we spent lots of fun time with Grandma and Papa. We were so busy that I never even had time to post some of our fun pictures together. Megan made sure to show them the ropes on the playground...

She sure does love those swings! It was hard to get her out of them and onto other fun things. We had a cold and rainy snap so we only had a few visits to the park - if Megan had her choice, she'd be there every day for hours.

One nice day we headed to a local game ranch to meet up with Megan's cousins.
We had fun getting up close and personal with the wildlife...
Megan was pretty fearless with the animals - except for the buffalo. They were a little too big for her liking. One of my funniest moments from the trip was in the "farm" area. There were some pigs and donkeys and ducks and rabbits, etc... There was a teenager there who was trying to feed a rabbit a carrot. Megan walked up with her cracker to feed the rabbit too. Well, who knew rabbits prefered crackers or carrots? The little bunny took Megan's cracker (much to her delight). The teenager said outloud (to the bunny), "oh, don't you want to take my carrot?" And Megan (without a pause) said, "yes, thank you" and took the carrot right out of her hand and walked off. I was moritified and hysterically laughing at the same time. The teenager was also very very very amused. I was apologizing and trying to catch up to Megan to get the carrot away from her - and the girl basically laughed and pointed at her crate of animal food and told us to keep the carrot.

And Megan also got to help Grandma make her famous Buster Bar Ice Cream Dessert. Yum... I'm not sure how many Oreo's she actually ate during that adventure - but lets just say her face was covered in evidence!
Grandma and Papa we miss you already. Megan got up this morning and looked all over the house for you. Later today we were in the car and she sat in each of "your" seats and made sure that I knew you sat "right here". It was very sweet! We can't wait to see you this summer!

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