Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I can hear you!

Today we had our follow-up ear checkup. Everything looked great. Megan's ear tubes look good, no infection left, and she did well on her hearing test. Last month she failed the test on the right ear, and it showed much improvement this time. Yeah! We are thankful. Megan's been battling allergies (with everyone else around here), but we've seen a remarkable difference in her breathing as well. Our pediatrician had told us that she thought once we got Megan's ear draining, that her wheezing would decrease. It has! That's another huge praise!! She still has lots of "drainage" from her eyes and nose - but hey... I'd rather it come out than get stuck behind her ears. Here's hoping it doesn't get any worse once the pine pollen kicks up.

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Tony said...

That is awesome. We are glad to hear(no pun intended) that the tubes have helped. We can wait to see you guys in a few weeks.