Friday, April 24, 2009

It's warmed up!

Wow, it was a beautiful hot day today! The perfect day for a trip to the zoo!
Now I do have to say - it was extremely crowded. You know there are a lot of school groups there when you see kids from the elementary school you went to when you were a kid. I got off the highway at the exit with 10 school buses. I knew I was in trouble. But it ended up being a fun time with some friends.
Megan loved being able to hang out with baby Benjamin (this is how enamored she is with all babies).Megan and Macie in the birds nest... The walking and talking kiddos - Conner, Cole, Carson, Megan and Macie.

And what is a trip to the zoo without a corny ride on the train?

I have to say - by the time we left I was exhausted! And my sweet little girl fell asleep as we pulled out of the parking lot. When we got home she promptly woke up and refused to go back to sleep- about the same time mommy was looking forward to a little nap. Bummer. Of course, she had about an hour of "quiet time" because I was hoping she'd go back to sleep (usually she does) - instead, I just laid down and listened to her talk to her animals and sing and read them stories. It was cute - not the "relaxation" I had hoped for - but still heart warming!

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