Saturday, October 1, 2011

Scarecrow Harvest 2011

Once again - fall has officially begun!
We always know that it's REALLY here when we head to the Scarecrow Harvest!  This year, our little city changed things up a bit and it was a really great morning.  It was a bit chilly and windy (another reminder that fall has indeed arrived) but we dug out our Halloween shirts and headed to the festivities.  It's fun to go and know that everything (except food) is free - the girls get to explore and have a grand time and our annual excursion. (click here to see last year's trip)
 We've learned from our past visits that if you want to have your face painted you do that first.  If not, you'll end up in a line that is hours long... or like us just saying, "oh dear, that's too long to wait."  But this year we had a plan and beelined for the face painting the second we arrived and the as soon as the festival began.  And Megan was sooooooo excited to become a Unicorn!!!!
 Nicole said, "No, thankyou!" :^)

We joined in on all the crafts.  We made Nicole a little pumpkin person...

 Hit some jumpy houses...
 Waited for our hayride around the town...
 And the highlight....
Spent A LOT of time at the petting zoo!!!!!!!
Nicole and Megan both loved this.  I thought Nicole might be a little scared of the animals, but oh no - she LOVED them!!!!

What a great free day of fall fun!   It is hard to believe it's already October - this year has flown by.  I think the next few months will seem to go even faster, but we'll have some great memories to be made and savor!

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