Friday, October 7, 2011

Budding Photographer or Teacher?

Earlier this week, Megan came into the kitchen and asked if she could borrow my camera to take a picture of her class.  I said, "only if you can be very careful!"  and then followed up with, "what class?"

 I was amazed that she actually came up with a focused shot of "her class" as they were working on "sounds and words, and a little counting."   What a cutie pie - she loves her stuffed animals.  From left to right you have... Snowball (bear), Snowflake (cat), Puppy, Baby Dolphin (also sometimes known as Lollipop), Brownie, Flower (dolphin), and Teddy (Nicole's teddy bear).
Evidently her class adores her as well!  Must be those awesome teacher genes!

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