Thursday, October 6, 2011

Grandma Snazzy

Nicole is enjoying our new storytime at Kroger with Grandma Snazzy.  This was always a fun outing with Megan, and now I get to experience it with a new set of eyes.
Nicole really loved all her scarecrows - she thinks they are super fun!
 It was only our second storytime and she remembered that the last child to "ring the storytime bell" gets to put the bell into Grandma Snazzy's apron.

 I had to get a "back" shot to remember how long her hair is getting.  I think it grows half an inch every night.  She's a funny little listener - she'll sit for part of a story, lay down, and crouch... just getting comfy!
 Nicole is also very patient to wait her turn to get her craft supplies.
 Then the real fun begins....
I think we have found a new weekly activity!

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Pam and Jeff said...

Looks fun!!! Nicole is just a doll.