Monday, March 17, 2008

All things fun

Today we had another excursion back to Jeronimo Jumps. It was a lot of fun. Megan loved climbing on the soft shapes and had a great time playing peek a boo. She got to hang with her friend Will and Nate.

Megan likes to make sure everyone knows where their eyes, nose, mouth and ears are. Unfortunately for Will she really likes to point out all his facial features. We also got to celebrate with Will because he started crawling on Sunday. He showed off his suave moves - Megan was quite impressed!
Go, Will Go!

We left about Megan's naptime. So what do you do to keep a sleepy little girl awake for the ride home????

It's amazing what a lid and straw can do for a child in a car seat. Who needs toys when you have lids with great finger poking holes in them!!!!

After our nap this afternoon (and Megan did make it home without falling asleep - barely, but she made it), we went for a stroll. And I did the one thing that I said I wouldn't do...

It started off yesterday when my neighbor, Mandy, did it with her baby - and let Megan participate a bit. And I thought - wow, that is great - and she loved it and it made our walk/outing even more enjoyable than ever (and they are always fun!).

Are you wondering what it is????

Yeah - I gave her snacks in the stroller. I've always been paranoid that she'd choke - but you know what - she was so entertained trying to pick up cheerios while we walked. She chattered even more than normal. I think for Megan it was like having popcorn at a movie. Now I will still hold to the "no messy snacks" in the stroller - but cheerios and freeze dried fruit - I think I'll keep a stash handy for our walks.

And then there was our trip to the swings..... Megan had a great time (although in the picture she just looks tired) - but I'm thinking ---"yep, she's definitely working on some new teeth." I think this confirms that idea....
So, I do wipe that sucker down with several antibacterial wipes before she goes in it... but as I'm snapping the picture, I'm thinking....."huuummm.. wonder if there is lead on there? I'm sure rust can't be that good for you either. huuuummmm???" So we cut that swing trip short and headed home with more snacks to munch on (I'm thinking cheerios might taste better than the swing anyway). After all, to Megan, I'm sure the world does sometimes seem like a huge IMAX theater.


Suzanna said...

The teething-on-the-swing picture cracks me up. Hey--she's resourceful!

Whitlamy said...

Question for you..what time does Megan take her morning and afternoon naps? I'm thinking we're on the verge of going to 2 naps a day and am just trying to get a feel for it. Bryce is usually up 1 hour before he is fussy and exhausted (I've tried keeping him up 2 and it's usually a disaster). When he goes to sleep an hour after he gets up, he takes his afternoon nap early and then we're stuck with what to do in the evening as he's tired, but bedtime is just around the corner. Hmmm...