Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Stats

Sorry to the family who are wondering what the "stats" are from the Dr's visit...

Height 29 3/4 inches
Weight 22 lbs and 4 oz (she lost 8 oz since last month) - go figure?

She's at the 75% for everything - height, weight, head circumference. She had been in the 95% or 90% in weight and the 50% for height in the past so she's starting to even out a bit it seems. Now that she's trying to walk we'll see what happens.

And to anyone reading this tonight... say a prayer for Snowball.... He's currently in the washing machine and I'm sooooo praying that our little friend who is "surface washable only" makes it through. I figure that the time has come to bite the bullet and seriously wash the little guy (surface washing really doesn't help much when you've been slobbered on) after his trip to the parking lot (see the last post for more info on that one). In in reality, Megan is sleeping just fine without him. I know that I'm much more attached to Snowball than she probably is... but doesn't every little one need a special friend???!!!!

1 comment:

Sandy P said...

How did Snowball come out? We had to deal with this with blue bear. Carson still takes him most places with him. He had several, but as time progressed only one will work for him.
I agree with you, I was more attached than my kids were. I do think Carson would be more attached than I am!