Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Boys...

Megan proved herself to be a bonafide Party Girl this weekend. We had 2 back to back parties for her buddies who were turning one. She's the older woman of that pack. It was the most beautiful day. Nate hosted an egg hunt for his party - it was a perfect day to be outside.

Here is the birthday boy looking for his stash of eggs.
Megan was eager to get in on the fun! This was her first official egg hunt!
Since it was outside, they had out lots of outdoor toys and Megan was in heaven. She got to push some big kid tricycles and big wheels around, swing a bit, and just crawl around in the dirt.
Here's what I can the "look of glee" as Daddy helped her to sit on a little tricycle. She loved it!!Ann is an amazing mom (You go girl!) and she made Nate's big birthday cake and his little cake.Nate loves Cookie Monster so his little cake was perfect! (OK Ann, I know I'm creative in some things but you have to help me get in touch with my creative baking side).And lets just say... he made sure his mom knew that he appreciated all the time and effort she went into making the cake. We all left, pretty darn sure that Nate liked the cake. Afterwards he was pretty much hosed down - good thing it was outside and a nice day!
After Nate's party, we hightailed it across town to Megan's other little boyfriend's house - Cole. Cole and Megan are in the nursery together at church. On the way over, Megan took a nap in the car so that she was ready to party and entertain at Cole's birthday party.

Here's Megan with the birthday boy.Cole had the coolest cake - he had a pooh bear themed party and the yummy bear cake was a huge hit.Now, I will say that Cole had the total opposite reaction to the cake from our first party. He really wanted nothing to do with it. His mom, Lisa, did everything imaginable to get him interested in tasting that cake (you rock Lisa!). I really thought putting the cheerios in it would be the enticement he needed - but Cole was so precise in picking out the cheerios and getting all the icing off before he'd eat them. Talk about skill!It was a great party day - and we want to send out ongoing birthday wishes for both Nate and Cole! Awesome parties guys (and moms and dads).

We are glad that we were able to be there to celebrate with the boys. Now Megan is a bit under the weather - I'm hoping she's on the upswing. Yesterday was a rough and she had a fever all day and some poopy diaper issues. Today the fever has gone down and she's sleeping well now for her nap. Thankfully tomorrow we go back to the Dr. for our ear check, so we'll make sure she's okay. We did miss our swimming lesson today (Amy, I hope you got my email saying we wouldn't be there) but hopefully a few days of rest will get her back on her feet and fever free.

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Kelly said...

uh-oh, sorry if Daniel shared his sickness with Megan - it sounds very similar to how he was feeling. The good news is he was back to normal the next day!