Sunday, March 2, 2008

The gift that keeps on giving

Thanks again Uncle Tony and Auntie Dawn, not only for the cool cozy couple convertible... which Megan still LOVE's!!!!!
But also for the awesome box that it came in..... the fun never ends!

I have to admit that I went to a consignment sale this weekend and found the one thing that I really really really wanted. After watching Megan go crazy over the box tunnel (which is now collapsing because she also tries to push it around and turn it into a fun slide), I really really wanted a crawl through tunnel. I'll post some pictures of her in that tomorrow.

(on a side note... the whole bath thing - the continuing saga - we tried a shower tonight. Little scary since babies are so stinkin slippery when wet. Lets just say it wasn't like she loved it, but there was no crying. So we'll chalk that up to a success. She seemed a bit confused with the water splashing her in the face, but she didn't fight to get away. Small victory!)

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hmferrero said...

i've been meaning to tell you - i remembered that eric & jen self have an inflatable tub that goes inside the big tub. maybe that would be less scary????