Friday, March 14, 2008

Little Victories

What is it about turning one -- in the world of food, everything suddenly is fair game. It's like overnight it is suddenly OK to have whole milk. Whereas the day before perhaps it would've triggered an allergy. It's just bizarre...

With that vented out - we had a great victory at lunch today. Megan gobbled up all her veggies. When we entered the world of solid food, it because interesting to see what she would and would not eat. She always had to feel it and then decide if she would try it. I have to say, Megan is a great eater! She will eat about anything you give her - about anything... We still haven't conquered the green beans, but so many other folks are having the same issue that we give it to her and right now chalk it up to needing a little more exposure to the texture. It is a wierd texture if you think about it. I totally have empathy for her because I'm a big texture eater! If it feels gross, forget it.

All this comes on the tail of her turning one... it was like a little switch went off and suddenly she really doesn't baby food anymore. Yogurt I can feed her, and couple of other things as long as she has lots of finger foods to go with it. But she's so ready for the transitions to all solids.

But yesterday and today I introduced her to some old goodies that she'd rejected in the past - grapes (cut lengthwise so they aren't choking hazards), watermelon (which she used to love and then would have nothing to do with), cantelope, and honeydew on the fruit front. On the veggie side we reintroduced potato, sweet potato and carrots (all of which she gobbles up if they are pureed but won't touch them as solids) and gave her a taste of black beans. She also got some tuna. She loved almost all of them... the baked potato she just doesn't like very much, and the honeydew she was iffy about. But she ate so many fruits and veggies. We've never had avacado (I don't eat avacado so it's not a staple around here) but we are trying that tonight - maybe I'll have my camera handy for that.

It's just hysterical to watch her eat. She will pick it up, smell it, look at it, feel it (is it mushy or firm), then put it in her mouth and will bite it with her front teeth, then actually eat it with a funny look on her face that says, "I'm trying to decide if I like this". I just love watching little ones learn about the world around them. Food is no exception. It makes me realize why so many kids have power struggles over food - finally they can control what goes in their mouths. Thankfully we haven't hit that stage yet. Megan will touch it, smell it, taste it and eat it - always the explorer!

I pray that in a year (why push it - lets say in 6 months) we can still say that she's a good eater.

So for all my mom friends... any other fun table foods that are good to try? Megan will pretty much eat what we eat on the main course (although I'm still careful with all spices). I supplement her food with extra veggies and fruits - I'm realizing that our diet (as adults) probably needs a little work to "eat the rainbow". But I'd love to hear if your little one has favorites that we can try.

And... ? for you..... when oh when do they start to transition to using a fork or spoon to eat with. I know that's a whole other world of mess to look forward to, but right now Megan has NO desire to use either. I think it's just faster for her to pick it up. I also know it's totally developmental as to when they have the fine motor skills to use them... but is there a time frame that you guys saw with your kids?


Whitlamy said...

Bryce is obviously younger than Megan, so I don't have much advice for you on utensils. I did want to tell you that my sister-in-law gives her daughter kiwi (she's about 10 months).

Sandy P said...

Carson still uses his fingers sometimes! I think you can start giving her a spoon now. She probably won't use it, but she can have it with her and maybe she will pick it up. Macie would much rather play with her food. She too eats well, but she is starting to be a little pickier already.
She even picks the pink cherrios out of the yougurt burst cherrios. I don't know if she learned this from her brother or she does it on her own!

Whitlamy said...

By the way, I've even pureed kiwi for Bryce. He just has trouble with the seeds still, but he liked it. Who doesn't like's SO good. I know Mandi gave her kids sweet potato fries because they're healthier. I think Trader Joe's has them. Mandi probably has lots of ideas of things as she's always making healthy stuff for Lillie and Bennett.

hmferrero said...

jacob does much better with the spoon on oatmeal and peanut butter than he does applesauce. but we still let him do it. we just have to help guide his hand on the more liquidy things. but i really try to give him things that are more finger friendly because he gets annoyed if i guide the spoon too much.

one note - i gave jakey tuna a day or 2 before his one year appt. at his 1 year appt, the dr told me to wait until he's 2 because of the mercury though. so i haven't done it again. plus (surprise) he didn't like it anyways.