Monday, March 31, 2008

From the mind of Megan

So, Uncle Tony - I love my car... but when do I get a big girl convertible?
My Natalie lets me drive around (ok, so we just pretend) and it's so fun. She said it was too cold to put the top down (wimp, my top is always down!) but she did give me a cookie. It was my first girl scout cookie. Shortbread - yum! Now all she needs to do is paint her car red and it'll be cool, just like mine!

And, Daddy.... when do I get to ride the tractor around the yard? You look like you are having fun out there....

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Tony said...

Hi Megan. It's Uncle Tony. You'll get a big girl convertible as soon I come down there and teach you how to whip donuts(your Daddy doesn't like when I use the other word, Mommy probably wouldn't appreciate it either).

When you come up this summer I'll take you for a ride on a real farm tractor.

Auntie Dawn and I can't wait to see you. We sure like your blog and seeing your pictures and how much you have grown. You sure are a cutie. We love you.

Uncle Tony & Auntie Dawn