Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Visiting School

Megan and I had a great outing today and spent some time with some of my teacher friends. For Megan it was a huge playdate - for me it was a great time to catch up with friends and feel the love! Here's the life of the party with my friends Carol and Amy (I love you guys and miss you!).
The sad part of the day was that I officially turned in my letter of resignation. That was much harder than I had expected. I'm currently on a 1 year leave of absence, but at the end of this school year it becomes an official job of the past. There was some security in knowing that I always had to the door open to go back. But Megan has been as cute as can be recently (an example is a bit later in this post) so that has made it an amazing reminder as to why I am at home with her.

I must say that at our last swim class one of the skills they worked on was to teach the kids to climb out of the pool - so if they were ever to fall in, they could get out of a dangerous situation.... oh my, from my perspective we've now entered into a few more dangerous situations. Megan has discovered the world of climbing. Today at school she was trying to impress Carol and Amy with her climbing ability on the stroller. Oh dear - another life changing discovery!
Being at school must have made a real impression on Megan because once we got home she pulled out her Baby Einstein amimal cards and went through each one (showing me where their ears were - for some reason we are on an "ear" kick). It was so adorable to see her so entralled with her animal cards. We get them out occasionally and look at them and find their eyes, ears, etc... but today suddenly she started trying to make the animal sounds for a few. Wow! Once again - it took the sting off turning in my resignation at school. Once Tom got home, they were looking at a book and when they got to the elephant, Megan started raising her arm like the elephant trunk as Tom made an elephant sound - talk about warming my heart!
We also got some time with our neighbors next door. It ended up being a great day and we had a couple of walks and hung out with our neighbors. Megan had a great time with her boyfriend next door, Cooper.
AND.... with Bailey!

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amy said...

Carol and I had FUN with you and Megan! I wish I could have visited longer (school meetings = grrr)! If only we could have gotten rid of those pesky kids! :-)

Carol and I WERE impressed by Megan's climbing abilities. I personally think Megan's next Big Thing should be rock wall climbing. Maybe wait until she's a grown up 3, though. Yay for swim class teachers who teach babies how to climb up on things! :-P

We are sad and you are sad that you are not going to be at school with us anymore, but I bet Megan is not. (This could change as she enters her pre-teen years, FYI.)

:-) Amy