Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Good News - Bad News Part 1.... Bad News

Yeah - we'll the bad is easy...
Remember those icky double ear infections...
Still there... still raging....

Today our Dr's appt was LONG... Megan was in a great great mood - she was laughing and playing (it helped that Daddy went with us). The Dr. came in and said, oh you can tell how good she feels! THEN, she looked in her ears. It was so sad! Over a month later and both ears are still horribly infected. Our problem is that we have to figure out if it's the infection that is causing the problem, or if her "gut" somehow won't absorb the antibiotics. She's been on almost every antibiotic - so our choices for treating it are limited.

so.... :^( We had to have antibiotic shots. UGH. It was worse than immunizations. They hurt! Yes - THEY - multiple. She had to have 2 shots - one in each leg. It was so sad, 2 nurses came in to give them at the same time to lessen the discomfort. I admit it - I cried! Thankfully Tom was there to be the brave and strong one and hold her down, while I cried.

What's worse... it's not over. We have to go back TOMORROW - for 2 more shots and to check her ears. OH NO!!!!! And what's worse than that... we have to go back THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW to do it again.

So at this point all I can say is... Megan is doing great. She's recovered (a little fussy but mostly ok) however, I'm having a rough day!

Good news... Megan is walking!
That'll be another post later tonight (got to get the video to upload first)


Dawn said...

Oh, no! Poor little baby doll! The shots sound awful! And having to do it over and over again for the next couple of days to do it again is absolutely dreadful for you all!!! We'll be thinking about you and praying that this does the trick! Now I'm going to sit and anxiously wait to see the video of Miss Megan MOBILE!!!

Love you guys!

Auntie Dawn

hmferrero said...

I'm so sorry! I think I told you we had to do that when he had the stomach virus on top of his ear infection. Completely miserable. I almost cried for you.

Let's pray this gets them all taken care of!

Suzanna said...

I don't envy you. "We" endured four shots today. And they were just immunizations (which it sounds like are less painful?)...I hope this knocks those ear infections out!!

Whitlamy said...

Poor girlie. It sounds awful. How did today go?