Friday, April 4, 2008

Caught in Action!

The excitement of the week is Megan really taking off with her walking!!!
She's still leary about walking on her own - but she'll take up to 15 steps in between Tom and I, or from a table to us or something else that she wants. She doesn't just up and walk on her own yet (thank goodness - I don't think I'm ready for that step of independence, to be honest.), but she's getting closer.

And... she's truly trying out her climbing skills. I've got her pretty well trained to not touch to cord you see in the picture (it's the baby monitor) but she's figured out that Daddy's magazine rack is a great height for climbing onto the hearth. Thankfully the hearth is covered with a hefty foam liner and fabric (one of my projects when she first started pulling up on things).

Megan's favorite game right now is to tell us how big she is..

How big is Megan?


Note to family and friends - if you are trying to reach Tom - his cell phone is currently MIA - so if you need him, call our home phone or my cell phone. Thanks!

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